Lab Iconics ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) is a software tool specifically designed for scientists and researchers. It provides a secure and organized way to record, store, and share research data and results.It helps in Storing and managing laboratory data, including protocols, results, images, and documents.One of the key feature includes Collaboration with other scientists in real-time by sharing data and results.

Labiconics ELN is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for researchers to adopt and use. It is also flexible and customizable, allowing it to be adapted to meet the specific needs of different research fields and laboratory environments.


Labiconics ELN is a valuable tool for researchers who want to improve the accuracy, reproducibility, and security of their laboratory work. Automate laboratory workflows, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency. Generate reports and charts to visualize data and results.

Key Features

Template Management

Experiment Management

Test Execution

Workflow Management

Report Management

Inventory Management

Instrument Management

Label Management

Barcode Reader

List Management

Collaboration Management

Third Party Integration

Project Management

    The project management in LAB ICONICS ELN plays a key role in managing the experiments under respective projects by, assigning the projects to the respective groups.

Forms & Templates

    The features in the LAB ICONICS ELN includes Configurable forms and templates, which helps in saving an ample of time by updating / entering the required details in standard template or forms.

Inventory Management

    Lab Iconics LIMS will efficiently perform the task of digital inventory management by recording, tracking and optimising laboratory chemicals, reagents, standards, and solvents. The system will track maintaining the reconciliation of Inventory usage.

  • Chemical Management
  • Material Management
  • Working Standards
  • Reference Standards
  • Instrument Management
  • Solution Management
  • Column Management

Experiment Management

    The experiment management of LAB ICONICS ELN is the core/vital module where a provision to manage the whole experiment, it incorporates features like importing files, media, documents as an attachment/reference, also Chemical Structure drawing is one of the finest features along with the calculations.

  • Sections
  • Templates