Lab Iconics LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a digital backbone for the labs to improve quality,  compliance and safety throughout product life cycle.

Lab Iconics LIMS is designed to improve lab productivity and efficiency, enhancing effectiveness of biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratory operations,  maintaining a digital trail of samples, experiments, lab workflow and instruments.


Features are configurable to help labs customize their sample inward up to certificate of analysis. Basic module of Lab Iconics LIMS meets your needs for collecting, sharing, analyzing and archiving scientific data.

Lab Iconics LIMS is like one more resource in your team, automating workflow and tracking all the important sample information, R&D and QC results generated in the lab each day. It allows to pro-actively manage the entire lab process from samples, instrument maintenance, lab consumables, inventories and people.


On Premises

    Lab Iconics LIMS can be hosted on premises, on the customer’s infrastructural setup deployed & running from within the confines of organization. Customer have the complete control over the infrastructural setup.


SaaS Model

    Lab Iconics LIMS –SaaS Model is subscription based model helps the customer with Zero initial investment. Customer can subscribe the product which are pre-validated, dedicated hosting in cloud with scalable user and product licenses.


Interactive Dashbord

    LAB ICONICS LIMS will generate the trend analysis and can be configured on the Dashboard.System is having a provision to configure the E-mail and SMS for the transactions wherever required.

    One of the salient features of the LAB ICONICS LIMS is the Dashboard which is configurable for the respective user. It represents the data/flow in clear and graphical manner where user has full authority to customize dashboard with required reports and screens of the module. Approval transactions based on the privilege assigned to the user can be configured on the dashboard along with the tasks and alerts.


Basic Module

  • Administration
  • Master Data
  • Sample Management
  • Report Management
  • Data Analytics
  • LDMS

Inventory Management

  • Material Management
  • Chemical Management
  • Volumetric Solutions
  • Solution Management

Standards Management

  • Reference Standard
  • Working Standard

Add-On Modules

  • Instrument Management
  • Column Management
  • Stability Management
  • Retain Sample
  • Label Management
  • Analyst Qualification

Microbiology Management

  • Media Management
  • Culture Management
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Solution Management

Integration Modules

  • Instrument Interface
  • SAP Interface
  • ERP Interface


Sample Management

    LAB ICONICS LIMS provides the best and well-organized Sample Management with structured maintenance of records / transactions throughout the life cycle of a particular sample. Few of the main features are analysis request, assignment, analysis execution, accurate & validated system calculations, system generated Certificate of Analysis, Configurable Investigation Flow, Sample Destruction etc. which allows users a systematic and detailed observation of every single sample.

Custom Fields

    Lab Iconics provides a privilege of creating the “Custom Fields”. These fields can be created and used in any screen across the application. This will help the customer not to compromise on the field required and they can create any number of fields without any additional charge and need of developer support.

Efficient Master Data

    Master Data in Lab Iconics LIMS is the core process / module to manage and centralize the flow of the sample management with efficient masters creation like Checklists, Templates, Data Sheet, Forms, Test Registration, Specifications, Reports etc.,

Test Registration

    Provision of creating the Tests irrespective of Products and these tests can be mapped under required specification by defining the limits during Specification Creation. Combination of Qualitative & Quantitative Sub-Tests can be created under a single test.

E-sign Configuration

    Lab Iconics LIMS has a provision of defining the configuration of “E-Signature” & “No. of Approvals” for each Menu respectively with facility of maintaining the “History” of all the changes performed.

Configurable Dashboard & Report

    Provision of configuring the “Dashboards” for each individual user. Dashboards contains the Graphical and tabular representations of the data selected by respective user. “Reports” can be configured and can be assigned to required group/ role users.

Why Lab Iconics LIMS


Deployment on-premises, Cloud or SaaS base Implementation.

Affordable Cost

Comprehensive, multifunctional LIMS, economical user licence and multi-site access.

Ease of Use

Needs only a browser and an internet connectivity to access.


Instrument calibration, equipment monitoring, analyst qualification results.


Accuracy in results, digital trial of each transaction is maintained.


Automated workflows and standard tasks enhances productivity.


Automate lab operations, eliminates paper records, reduces margin of human errors.


Can be configured based on user’s need without changing the codes.


Integrated system making knowledge sharing a hassle-free exercise.

Compliance & Standards